• Refer to the table below which Micro SD card is compatible with which model. 
  • Remove the Micro SD card from the camera and replace it. It may take a few seconds for the camera to recognize the Micro SD card. As soon as the camera recognizes the card, the camera makes a clicking noise or sound signal.
  • If you do not hear confirmation, it is possible that the camera needs to be rebooted to recognize the Micro SD card
    • Restarting the camera can take up to 2 minutes.


ModelMediumCapaciteitTypeWrite speed
Smartwares camera

C723IP, C724IP, C923IP , C924IP
Micro SD kaart


4MB/s ( class 4)

Smartwares camera

C735IP, C933IP
16,GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GBSDHC, SDXC

minimale 4MB/s (class 4) 

Compatibility with C723IP, C724IP, C923IP and C924IP is limited to Micro SD type SDHC **** with a storage from 4GB to 32GB and only class 4 speed throughput.

Compatibility with C721IP, C735IP and C933IP is limited to Micro SD type SDHC or SDXC **** with a storage from 4GB up to 256GB and at least class 4 up to class 10 speed throughput.

If your Micro SD card is not yet recognised:

It is possible that your Micro SD card is defective. This must then be replaced. We always recommend to purchase your SD card through our webshop for guaranteed compatibility.

Need more help

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