There is no official desktop app for HomeWizard cameras. It is possible to view your camera within your local network via external RTSP streaming apps. (For example VLC) To start viewing on a desktop you will need the camera IP adres and camera password.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the same network as your camera.

  2. Download and open VLC

  3. Go to file > open network

  4. Complete the following RTSP URL by replacing the 'IP' and the 'password' with your cameras IP and PASSWORD.

  5. Copy and paste the RTSP URL into the VLC URL field and click 'Open'

  6. VLC may ask you to enter your credentials. Enter 'admin' as your username and enter your own personal camera password. Press OK.

  7. VLC Media Player will now start a streaming your camera.

Regarding models: C723IP, C724IP, C923IP & C924IP