• Follow this step-by-step guide if you have trouble logging in to the HomeWizard Cameras app.

Step 1

  • When you make a new HomeWizard account, a randomly generated password will be sent to your e-mail address
  • Please use this password to log in.

Step 2

  • If logging in does not work, and you have requested multiple new passwords by clicking 'Forgot your Password', you have multiple random passwords.
  • Please use the last one you've recieved.

Step 3

  • If the app does not accept this password, go to and try logging in there.
  • If this does not work either, choose 'Forgot your password' on the website.
  • Use the new password sent out to you.

Step 5

  • After you've logged in successfully, you are able to change your password on the HomeWizard Dashboard on the website.
  • Use the newly changed password to log in to the app.