We value the usability of our products and the safety of our customers. On this page we explain our software update policy and what you as a customer can expect from us.


Update policy

We will supply our products with updates for at least five years after market introduction. During this period we do not only supply you with security updates, but most likely also with new functionality. On average we release an update 5 times a year per product.

When releasing a new version we will communicate changes on our website and in the app stores. You can visit our news section to see what new functionality we released the past months, or see the change log of our apps in the App Store or Play Store.

How do I know when an update is available?

Our update producedure depends on the product. For Link and Camera's it will be made visible in the app when an update is ready. You will always have to confirm. For our Wi-Fi products updates happen automatically at night when the device is online and not in use. You will not have to do anything for this.

App updates can happen automatically if you have chosen so on your phone (your iPhone does this by default at night, on Android you can select to automatically update your apps at night).

Will my product still work after five years?

After five years of support we will evaluate whether it is possible to extend the support period. The most likely scenario is that we keep supporting the product for a couple of more years. If it is no longer feasible to support the product any longer we will give the product the status 'Unsupported'. This means it is no longer possible get technical support for the product or send it to us for repair. All customers that are actively using the product will get a notice three months in advance if this is happening.

If you purchased your product less than two years ago with us you can still get support even if a product is declared 'End of Life'. Every customer entitled to at least two years of support.

The 'Unsupported' status does not mean a product becomes unusable. The Cloud Services devices depend on will stay online and apps will remain available in the App Store and Play Store so you can keep using your device.

Products that are unsupported

The following products are no longer supported. Cloud Services and apps are still available for these products.


2011-01-31 | 2020-04-30
2013-03-31 | 2020-04-30
2012-03-31 | 2020-04-30

9 years & 3 months

7 years & 1 months
8 years & 1 months

End of Life

If it is no longer possible to connect devices to the cloud or there is no possibility to control the product any longer we will consider a product 'End of Life'. This situation should (almost) never occur.

Products with the status 'End of Life'

We do not have any products that are 'End of Life'. All products that we ever introduced are still usable